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BlackBerry Open Scholarship in ITB

BlackBerry Open Scholarship in ITB. BlackBerry Innovation Center (BBIC) in the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) is a center of research and innovation in the field of mobile computing sponsored by BlackBerry.

Currently, BBIC was doing some research on Mobile Computing for Smart Society which includes Smart Healthcare, Smart Transportation, Smart Energy, Smart Learning, Smart Payment, and other topics that continue to evolve.

This year, the BBIC back the 12 students receiving the Master program (S2) and 6 doctoral students (S3) to conduct research on "mobile computing for smart society". Students who are accepted will receive a scholarship that covers:

1. Cost Delivery of Education (BPP) in ITB for a maximum of 2 (two) years for Master program and 3 (three) years for a doctoral program,

2. Incentives as a researcher, which was Rp. 3 million for S2 students and Rp. 4 million for S3 students. In addition, during the research on BBIC, also provided research support devices, including PC and BlackBerry smartphones.

General requirements:
1. Undergo and pass an entrance exam Informatics Master of Information Technology Option (for Masters Degree) or Doctoral Program in Electrical Engineering and Informatics (for doctoral program) in the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (STEI), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Information about registration procedures for entrance exams doctoral and master's programs can be found at http://www.sps.itb.ac.id/.
2. Having a strong motivation in doing research, mobile application development and entrepreneurship.
3. Willing to work full-time every day working on the BBIC.
4. Able to communicate well, both orally and in writing, both in Indonesian and English.

Serious applicants can submit her application to Dr.IGB Baskara baskara@stei.itb.ac.id Nugraha via email, enclosing Curriculum Vitae (CV) and short research proposal (1-2 pages), no later than March 30, 2013.

Qualified candidates will be invited for an interview in mid-April 2013. Scholarship recipients will be announced after the selection of Master and Doctoral programs announced by the ITB.

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